Media 201 - Photoshop

First assignment, just to loosen things up, was to "photoshop something", that's right, just make some images!  Hehe, I think this must be too much fun to be what I'm supposed to be doing  :-) 

palette with blobs of paint

palette with pictures as paint

rusty old truck sinking into the riverbank

Cutting and pasting random stuff :-) 

collage of angels floating in space with stars

Layers and blending. Now we're getting somewhere! 

collage Spring is Sprung the Grass is Ris I Wonder Where the Birdies Is

Using healing tools to remove scratches.  That's me mum and dad. 

A special drink for sale :-)

rambunctious energy drink bottled vigor of kids

The coloring assignment: 

Mistress of Mellyn romantic woman walking in graveyard looking at a tombstone with chapel stained glass window behind her colorized

Next, the assigned topic was "Environmental Awareness" which honestly doesn't do much for me.  I fiddled around with this theme and that idea and nothing was happening and the due date was coming. Then I got a big grin and came up with a romance novel cover! 

romance novel cover:  Hug a Logger, You'll Never Get Back to Trees

Next assignment, "Cultural Awareness". 

The reflection project. This is my backyard after a bad, bad flood!

Artistic photo frame project: 

Puppers turned into stone!  Digitally...

Did this from a tutorial: 

A new kind of perfume  :-)


Windows Movie Maker slideshow of all these pictures with Bach playing in the background. 
Medium Quality, 2.5 meg - or - Small File, 950 kb