Janel's Media 202 Photoshop Assignments

We were supposed to use Weebly for our assignments, and I was at first and it was very cool, but as the page got larger I found myself spending as much time messing with Weebly as getting my assignments done.  To make matters worse, I'm the type who can't leave well enough alone, I've got to keep going back and tweaking stuff in the restless quest for perfection, which meant all of Weebly's little boxes loading some more.  I asked if I could just put my assignments on my own page.  So here they are, one after another as on a blank sheet of paper  :-) 

Week 1 - Book Cover Using Layer Masks

Assignment:  combine images into a cover for a book or CD.  I picked Way of An Eagle by Ethel Dell, which I had just read, and been very impressed with.  Things were so different back then!  It's even more uniquely different to read a story written back then, when things we consider unusual now, like having servants, were common, and things we take for granted, like a car ride, were worth featuring in the story. 

About the novel: 

The Way of an Eagle was published in 1912 and by 1915 it had gone through thirty printings. The Way of an Eagle is very characteristic of Ethel M. Dell's novels. There is a very feminine woman, an alpha male, a setting in India, passion galore liberally mixed with some surprisingly shocking violence and religious sentiments sprinkled throughout. A modern day critic, Nicola Beauman, says: "Most modern readers will greatly enjoy The Way of an Eagle, for it remains the best kind of read for anyone wishing to curl up in an armchair...and wallow unashamedly in a book that is entirely timeless...I love to imagine my mother and grandmother sobbing over books like this."

It's an old-fashioned love story with some wonderful messages.  If you'd like to wallow unashamedly too, you can read Way of an Eagle free here, at Gutenberg.

The lady is Gladys Cooper, an actress in the 1910s. I bet she'd make a great Muriel. 

Week 2 - Color Correction and Pixel Editing

Photoshop Curves is a very powerful tool that can do so much to a picture!  Here it removes the green tone from the lady, brightens the colors of strawberries, deepens the snow and sky.  Shadow and Highlight brings out the girl's features without removing the effect of being in the shade with a bright beach behind her.  Then a noise-reduction technique applied to this bridge in dim light, and Sharpening of a photo of our textbook author.  

Before and After

Week 3 - Fine Tuned Image Correction

Removing noise with multiple exposures

A series of images of the same building in low light are digitally stacked then blended to remove the noise.

Close up of Before and After:


Split Toning

Photograph is converted to greyscale, then the shadows and highlights given a new hue. We got to use our own pictures for this, and these two I found in the Adobe samples folder were perfect for the purpose.  See how the parts that were simply "light" in the original now become a new color?

Photo Filter

A quick way in Photoshop to change the photo's white balance to make it warmer or cooler.

Arbitrary Map mode curve editing

The Curves tool in freehand mode. Just draw a jiggly line and Photoshop maps it over the color levels. I did a couple of the pup, then just for fun used the technique above to give him Husky team colors.

Color Replacement Tool

A harmless flower meets Photoshop. 

Week 4 - Image Retouching

Patch Tool, Clone Stamp and Healing Tools

The Patch Tool is a marvelous thing.  I would have used the Clone Tool and lots of time and taste to do this, but the Patch Tool did it automatically. 

Patch can also be used to make a second copy of the boat, in case you feel the need to have two identical boats floating side by side.  Hey, it was the assignment  :-) 

Used healing techniques to remove scratches and improve contrast and sharpness:

Using Clone Brush to Remove an Object

The kids that are not mine go magically bye-bye.  I'm especially pleased with the slide picture. I used the pen tool to make a new shape of shadow to match the railing, and airbrushed some of the surface. 

Week 5 - Advanced Selection Techniques and Print Ads

The toughest of all selections: curly hair. I've tried it before, and learned ways to get out of doing it! I heard about using channels to select hair but hadn't tried it until now. It does work a lot better.

None of the original images are mine, but you knew that, didn't you? Keri Russell and Taylor Swift are especially not mine, but I think they're kind of everybody's at this point so it doesn't matter much. There was only supposed to be one 'before' and 'after' shot but I made a bunch of different attempts, as I started having fun and trying to get it right.

It's super easy when there's a white background  :-) 

Next assignment, isolate a person from the background and add a glow.  Here's Diane Kruger.  I'm her agent and I own the rights to all her photos.  Hahaha.  Yep I snagged it from a hairstyles website.

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