Media 210 - Web Design

This was another great class about HTML and CSS, focusing on page layout.  Here are the two big final projects.  The League of Women Voters was assigned. For the other project I chose a mom-and-pop online college whose website was complete with text, but otherwise, shall we say, needed help! I gave them a makeover.

Click the previews to see the completed websites! 


There was a final Extra Credit assignment of using Dreamweaver's Spry Tabbed Panels.  Here's mine. 


I get cookies. I want the cookie!!

Hi There!

My name is No No Bad Dog! What's yours?


Pet me.


Pwease pet me. Just because I'm a dumb mutt with fleas doesn't mean you shouldn't pet me.


This is me faithfully guarding my dishwasher.



Did I mention

My favorite food is garbage?


For a puzzle piece to drop so I can eat it.


My dumb dog brain is happy right now.


My Mommy. I want Mommy. I love Mommy! I am waiting for Mommy to come up the stairs!