Gene Princess Pattern   

Princess seam dress I designed for Gene.     

Genewedding2.jpg (56619 bytes)  genepat1.jpg (42615 bytes)  GeneWedding1.jpg (81073 bytes) 

For the wedding dress I just added a ruffle.  

OOPS - Apparently the default on the pdf file was set at "fit to page" and if you print it that way, the pieces come out noticeably too large.  Wow... so I've had a faulty file on the web for like two years and nobody told me.  Who knows how many people may have tried it and it didn't work, and they just quietly threw it away and didn't say a word to me! 

I've simply taken the pdf down until I have time to do it over, better.  In the meantime, here are the old original jpgs of the pattern pieces, with dimensions to print in your graphics program. 

SideFront  Back  Front  Sideback_Sleeve


Brief Instructions: 

1/4" seams included. 

Fold over the top edge of the front and stitch.

Sew side fronts to fronts, being very careful to get both sides of the front at even heights.  Clip curves.

Sew backs to side backs and iron the pieces so far.

Sew shoulder seams.

Fold over neck edges to form a facing and stitch. 

Fold over and hem sleeves, then gather sleeve caps and sew onto dress. 

Sew up the sleeve seams and down the side seams of the dress. 

Hem lower edge, then fold over back edges twice and try on the doll for fit. Add snaps or velcro.