Round Ripple Crochet Afghan Pattern with Diagram


I saw one of those in a catalog and went to Google for a free version. There's lots of pages with instructions. I tried several and none of them worked right for me. It may be that I'm doing it wrong!

But this one picture was detailed enough to see what was going on, and when I tried this, it came out right.   I don't know whose photo this was, but THANKS to whoever made it!


Then I wrote it out into a visual chart so I would be able to do it again.


My diagram, version 1  (click to enlarge) which works fine for cotton dishcloths. 

But when I tried it with worsted acrylic yarn and a size H hook it started to curl up alarmingly!!! 

So I altered the pattern.  The basic pattern has an increase every other round.  I changed it so that I only made one round of every round that had a multiple of three dcs.   In other words, every round that has a number of stitches that's a multiple of three, I made only one round of it, and the other rounds had two each. 

Like this: 

only one round of 3dc

two rounds of 4dc
two rounds of 5dc
only one round of 6dc
two rounds of 7dc
two rounds of 8dc
only one round of 9dc
two rounds of 10dc
two rounds of 11dc
only one round of 12dc...


At least it worked for me!  My very own Round Ripple is done!  It's exciting to have it done.  They're right, it gets really, really boring those last few rounds, and you get really impatient and can't wait for it to be done and hate it that you ever had this idea. 

But now that it's done I know I want to make another one sometime. They're so pretty. 

Click for closeups. 

Here's how to add the extra points.  This wasn't my idea, but I drew the diagram for it, so here you go.  This is a smaller version, I mean it doesn't show as many stitches as you really have.  When you decide to add points, count the number of stitches you have, and figure out which stitch is the middle.  Then follow this pattern using as many rows as you need until the hills and valleys have even numbers of stitches again. 



I made tons of ripple dishrags! Who wants to use boring square dishrags any more?  But honestly, although these work great as coasters and hot pads, knitting makes nicer dishrags to be used for cleaning. 


The coolest ones are the ones made from the leftover bits from the others!  That makes them unique and artistic!

Round Ripple Crochet Doily

Using bedspread cotton thread.