Web Design and Graphics


Here are lots of pictures I've taken that make good wallpaper.

Having fun with online graphics classes!

Several years ago I took online graphics classes for a web design degree. Here are some of the projects.   

Media 110 - Multimedia

Beginning Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. 

Media 111 - Multimedia

Another really great class with lots of fun assignments.  We improved pictures in Photoshop, made some basic webpages in Dreamweaver and animated movies starting from scratch in Flash

Media 201 - Intermediate Photoshop

That was a great class!  Just playing with Photoshop feels like wasting time, but no, this IS what I'm supposed to be doing! 

Media 190 - Dreamweaver

There's not a lot to display from this class, as it was about the bones of web design, the HTML and CSS formatting.  The stuff you usually only notice if some aspect of it has gone horribly wrong  :-)  But here's a bit of fun... Playing with Opacity  which started out as an assignment for absolutely positioned boxes
Final exam for the class:  Karen "Inskydoodles" artist home page
With a page banner made from samples of her work.

Media 204 - Illustrator

Illustrator is a vector drawing program.  That means instead of moving groups of pixels around like Photoshop does, it draws lines mathematically, and fills them with colors or patterns.  The drawings can be scaled to any size without losing quality.

Media 202 - Advanced Photoshop

Lots of fun Photoshop projects.  That was one of those great classes that made me glad to get up at five in the morning.  It was originally hosted at Weebly, but I removed it because the thumbnail compression was so ugly.  There's still two pages left at Weebly, one of Photography and one of Other Work.   

Media 206 - PHP

Database-driven websites.  There's some fun stuff to click in here including a personalized romance story!

Media 180 - Flash

Flash is GREAT fun for making animations!  I've always disliked Flash websites, so I was glad we only had to make one.  The rest was just animations.  I would LOVE to make a Flash game or paperdoll sometime.  

Media 210 - Web Design

HTML and CSS, focusing on page layout.