One Fine Saturday!

This is what we did: 

Made ice cream sandwiches

Using the recipe for chocolate chip cookies that I made up, and some sliced ice cream.  The texture was so interesting!  The cookies got softer from the ice cream soaking in, but the chips got harder when they were frozen. 

We made pickled beets!

This that horrible job that DH has been talking about doing for months and I've been all ticked off about because I DID NOT WANT to pickle beets.  But it wasn't so bad.  He pulled all the beets and cut the tops and washed them.  That was the worst part. Then they just had to be boiled.

I can't say I have any desire to have pickled beets, but I LOVE cooked beets. I always have. Mom used to boast to her friends that her baby girl ate beets.  (She didn't mention that she couldn't get me to eat string beans.)  I especially love them cold.

So there's the cooked beets, after soaking in cold water, and I'm skinning them and they're so delightfully cool and tender and I'm expected not to take any bites!  He wouldn't let me because these were HIS beets that HE planted in a separate place to make his disgusting project with (which I've been mocking all along).  My beets were in the regular part of the garden.  He told me to go pull some of my own beets and cook them if I wanted to eat beets.  Well I pulled out this gigantic beet and it had two lobes and looked exactly like a big heart, and my hands were all red with beet juice, and I said, "Hahahaha this is Snow White's heart! Now who's the fairest in the land?!" and took a big old bite. 

I got yelled at but it was worth it. 

He even did all the slicing. Then we made the vinegar stuff and canned them.  Job's done and now he's all happy. 

And I made a quilt top! 

We went to the fair and Dave loved the quilts and said he wanted to make one.  He took a card from the quilting ladies and was all ready to start showing up at their meetings.  Too bad they are a long way from here!  I told him, "I'm sure there are ladies right here in town who can help with quilting, but you don't need them because I will help you."  He said, "Are those ladies better at it than you?"  I said, "YES but I am better at it than you so don't you worry about that!" 

They had a basket of pieces of fabric for 50c each.  Dave bought a piece of green fabric then went through my stash at home looking for something to match it.  Red, white and blue matches perfectly, and the shiny stars fabric was so exciting! The fireworks fabric was already cut into 4.5" squares, so I put the blue stars, white stars, red stripes and Dave's green fabric with it, and had just enough of everything to make six blocks of each color.  I arranged them all cleverly as you see. I didn't notice that I would need seven green blocks until I had sewn my way to the middle of the arrangement.  Oops!  And there was no more, of course, and it had to be the green, and I had no green fabric anything like it.  Had one each extra of stars and stripes, I patched scraps of green into the corners to make it look a tiny bit planned, then the rest was some totally different fabric with Dave's and Mike's names embroidered on them. 

Started this so casually in the morning, finished at 9:30 at night.  I wanted to finish that middle up before going to bed so I could say I did this in one day!  Just gotta quilt it next.

(And I did quilt it, click for pictures )