Graphics I made from photos 

In the long ago when this was the style.  Feel free to take anything you like.  


the Russian flowers theme

sorted into parts for your saving convenience




Picture it all came from:  


Here's a theme from some pictures I snapped at the beach. 

Banner and buttons...


The background image: 




  Button blank

Tulips in front of my house








A pot of flowers outside a restaurant

  Bulleted list and divider




Picture of flowers at the Oregon Zoo.  




Here's a seamless background from a scan of a shirt.  




Another shirt.  I didn't like the style, so I didn't wear it, but kept it in the closet a long time anyway because I liked the fabric so much.  Bright idea:  scan the fabric, and then I can give the shirt away!  



I made these for a grain-themed cooking website.