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Free Sewing Pattern for Barbie 28 inch Best Fashion Friend Doll

Barbie Best Fashion Friend 28 inch doll - Free pdf sewing pattern!

I like this big lady so much, that outfits for her just seemed to fly off my worktable!

There aren't many fashions out there for her size yet, but I found her easy to design for and "Twenty Eight" had a wardrobe full of dresses in no time.

Designing the pattern for my 28" Barbie Best Fashion Friend

There's my little craft area. I am soooo happy in that corner of the garage!

Elegant streamlined version with smooth skirt

28" Best Fashion Friend Barbie in peach Southern Belle gown from free pattern

The Southern Belle ball gown. I just love how this one came out.

28 inch Barbie models her new gorgeous OOAK handmade peach dressJust a strapless bodice with a piece of ruffled lace over it!

That's the strapless bodice with a piece of lace over it .

Easy sundress pattern for 28 inch Best Fashion Friend Barbie doll

And a classic pink Barbie princess!

The pink long princess dress from the side - 28 inch Barbie Back view of the bodice with ribbon straps

Here's the strapless long dress -- see new blog post

Here it is with a gathered skirt. I made this from an old nightgown and used the whole width of the skirt. The square was 54" wide x 12" tall. That's a lot of fabric to gather, but it was very lightweight so it was possible.

Free pattern for Barbie 28 inch fifties style sundress

Close up of Barbie 28" Fifties Sundress bodice