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Holy Bible formatted for daily reading

It's just one big plain text file, with markers in the Bible text to divide it into 365 sections. 

I looked all over Google for something like this, and not finding such a thing, made one myself.  I may as well share it in case anyone else is looking for the same thing!  This way it's easy load into Mobipocket or another e-book reader.  There's no rearranging (as in the One-Year Bible). 

I'm so glad for MS Word macros!!!  I used macros to strip out all the verse markers, leaving only chapter numbers, then reformat everything to flow smoothly. I used macros to divide the whole text into chunks then I went through by hand and moved the markers to the nearest suitable beginning of a chapter.  The only tiresome part was adding the day labels-- and then doing it over starting from July, when I'd accidentally made a "June 31" and it didn't work out right at the end  :-)  But I only had to think about trying to do this in, say, the year 1200, to get over that kind of ingratitude quickly!! 

King James version

Bible_Daily.doc  MS Word format

Bible_Daily.txt  Plain text

American Standard version

Bible_American_mingled_with_Psalms  MS Word format

The cool thing about that version is that it uses Jehovah as God's name instead of "the LORD"!